Like you, I am a writer. I understand the process, the hard work and insecurity, the determination and grit it takes to make it from that first sentence to the last. However, in each writer’s journey to publication a crossroad is reached where the selection of an editor is necessary to prepare a book for publication.

My experience as an editor has been global. I have had the honour of working with writers of poetry, fiction, short fiction, memoir and reportage.  Since 2011 I have been the publisher of Tuck Magazine, wearing all sorts of hats including fiction editor, poetry editor, book reviewer and interviewer. My own fiction and poetry have been anthologized  and published in print and digitally, along with freelance articles I have written and interviews I have conducted for several publications. I have also been employed as a speech writer, an area of the writing profession that I enjoy immensely for its immediacy and economic use of language for maximum audience impact.   

I am also a proud supporter of Indie writers, enthusiastically welcoming manuscripts from mavericks who choose the path of self publication over traditional.

I have been very fortunate to have worked with many talented writers who have gone on to win  awards, forging successful and fulfilling careers.  My most recent project was for actress and indie writer Lydie Denier. editing her memoir A Voice for Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Since its initial publication, her story has taken her on a new journey  as an activist and public speaker. Currently I am editing a full volume of poetry. ‘Dreams of a Village Boy’ by the talented and award winning Ghanaian poet Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah.

Ultimately, it is my love of stories and passion for words that nourish my enthusiasm for fresh reading experiences. When I work with an author, I seek unique characters who linger long after I close the book. Characters and plots that affect me, ensuring that I remain engaged and absorbed from one chapter to another, always impress me. I have never forgotten that before I was an editor or writer, I was an avid reader of all genres.