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What I’ve done


My writing would appear to be a dabbler’s dream. It’s always been important to me to be fearless and passionate when choosing projects to pursue. 

I’ve conducted freelance interviews with artists such as singer Carole Pope, British actress Susan Penhaligon, award winning Canadian author Kathleen Winter and memoirist/lawyer/activist Tina Renton Et al. I value each of these experiences for the knowledge I’ve gleaned as a writer and a woman. 

Along with book reviews in various online and print magazines such as Herizons, Hercircle, Reader’s Digest, Unbound Content, Sibling Rivalry Press,  and Tuck Magazine, my own fiction and poetry have appeared in print anthologies as well as digital contributions to a variety of websites.

In September 2021 I was longlisted for the CBC non fiction prize for my entry ‘1975’ detailing my experience with a violent and traumatic event when I was twelve. You can read it here CBC Non Fiction Prize Longlist


Where I’ve been


I’ve also been a freelance editor, occasional speech writer and fiction writer parallel to my six year stint as the creator/publisher of tuckmagazine. This online human rights, arts and lit ezine was a labor of love and learning for me, and an important reminder of the power of creativity to elevate us all.

Learning to work with an editor as a regular contributor to something less singular was often the cornerstone for the writing careers of many in the global family of poets, artists and writers who contributed their voices to our unique human conversation. It was fulfilling and humbling to have nurtured so many talented people from so many nations.


Where it’s taken me


In 2013 a book review I’d written for the novel ‘Solitaria’ by Canadian author Genni Gunn led to an invitation as a guest panelist in Ottawa at the 40th anniversary of the Writers’ Union of Canada. Independent publishing was paramount during the conference, as the founders were contemplating opening membership to non commercially published authors.

The union’s focus on the growing indie publishing alternative provided me with the platform and opportunity to share the work of several talented maverick artists. Some of these writers have gone on to a wider audience, such as Oglala Lakota journalist and activist Simon Moya-Smith.


You can read my editorial regarding this experience at the conference by clicking the link here ⇒ Tuck Magazine Writers’ Union Conference


If you would like to chat further about my publication history or my current novel in progress, you can email me here: contact@valdaorgan.com. I am also active in the Writing Community on twitter if you wish to follow me there.