Book of the Month


Every once in a while you discover a book with characters that are so fresh and alive they remain with you long after you close the book. This is true of ‘Beverly’ by indie author Fiona Pearse. The story follows a young woman, Beverly, as she navigates her way through the terrain of friendship and romance, areas that are often fraught with confusion and insecurity when you are young and just starting out in life. Socially awkward, Beverly has a stutter that feeds her introversion and chronic shyness. Her choice to work from home is not the escape from social contact that she intends, instead it takes her to uncomfortable and challenging places with her boyfriend Roland and her very extroverted flat mate Ella. 

Beverly is quirky, funny, clever and feisty and much more sensible about her circumstances than her friend Ella who appears to have it all together. No one is as they appear in this story and the element of emotional surprise is what takes this book from being typical to unique. This is the sort of story that could carry on and, as a matter of  fact, as I was reading it I saw it as a television series, the characters were that engaging and the desire to see the story continue is still niggling at me. I do hope the author makes a return visit so that Beverly can tell us what else she has been up to.