Contract & Payment

To ensure that both parties are clear about the total cost and specific services rendered as well as legal and creative protection for both author and editor, I have a contractual agreement with each client. Regarding payment, I request fifty percent of the full amount up front, with the remainder paid upon receipt of the final edit. In addition, my work is priced as a flat fee for each service, rather than an hourly rate. I feel that this gives the client a clearer picture with nothing hidden, relieving any pressure associated with mounting costs. 

I use Paypal for invoicing and receive payment in USD only. Submissions must be sent as a Word Document attachment using Times New Roman font, double spaced. When appropriate, I use track changes; therefore it is essential to familiarize yourself with this feature in Word prior to sending along your manuscript.

I have also been employed as a speech and ghost writer; therefore if either of these services interests you please feel free contact me and we can discuss your needs. 

I am open to Fiction, Memoir, Creative non-fiction, Poetry and Short Stories. I also have experience writing front and back matter content and back cover blurbs for self published books, book proposals and query letters.  

Editorial Services

Manuscript Assessment:  $200.00  for novel length and $100.00 for novellas or a collection of short stories.        

An in-depth analysis of your novel in every area: pacing, character and plot development, consistency, overwriting, grammar, sentence structure, foreshadowing and dialogue. I will email you a complete critique with suggested changes that will make your work leap off the page so that the reader will be fully engaged in your story from the first line to the final word.   

Developmental edit:       $500.00          

This is where we move along from the Manuscript Assessment stage to implement the changes necessary to perfect your book. If you have any precious darlings tethered to your text, say goodbye to them. When we roll up our sleeves to get down to the nitty gritty business of editing, we are venturing into an area where you and I will do our most important and sometimes exhausting work. Ruthlessness and detachment are required to rid the text of anything that is detrimental to your novel. Be brave and this experience will strengthen you as a writer, thus benefiting every book that follows. 

Line Edit:                       $600.00            

At this point, every line must be challenged, it’s relevance and clarity as well as                                                             grammatical correctness.       

Copy Edit:                      $350.00            

Spelling, tenses, punctuation, correct word usage and just basic nitpicking.  

Proofreading:               $250.00          

 Eyes, eyes and more eyes, reading and re-reading. Quality control gone mad


Query Letter Edit:        $30.00

Synopsis Edit:                $40.00


Writer Services

Speech writing:               $350.00            

Per twenty minute speech/ 2500 words

Ghost writing:                 Fee negotiable                                         

Contact me to discuss details: