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Welcome To My Very Bookish Blog

How Did I Get Here?


I’ve been blogging off and on since 2007. Despite a few gaps in between, it has more often than not been a valuable resource for me to connect directly to readers and other writers. I’ve made many writer friends over the years, talented people who I’ve collaborated with on more than one occasion. I have learned so much from others and it wouldn’t have happened without a blog.

I’m also active on social media, particularly the writing community on twitter. Although it’s a brilliant avenue for networking it can also be superficial and impersonal. Writing can be a damn tough profession. Solitary, unstable and fraught with doubt and fear, it requires a steel spine to complete a novel or memoir. Afterward you lay yourself wide open to wounding rejection and criticism. Blind self belief, determination and a gut instinct are often the only survival tools a writer has. 


The Human Family

What Do I Blog About?


Being alive for a significant chunk of time on this planet, the world of people as I have experienced them, are primarily a peculiar mix of the urbane, trashy, ridiculous and absurd; three sectors of existence most writers are fully acquainted with in one way or another. In art as in life, anything worthwhile is rooted in dirt and developed in the light. This is the solid and unshakable foundation of my creative life. I will give you the dirt, the light and sometimes the darkness that is hidden somewhere between truth and fiction.


You can’t have one without the other

Feeding And Reading


I live in my kitchen when I’m not writing. As an avid collector of vintage cook books, I occasionally insert recipes into posts, tried and true dishes that are now out of vogue but still nutritious. There is something very intimate about old recipes that have been handed down, a sacred connection to the ancient human communal past of sharing a meal together. 


Upsize My Fries

Blaming It All On The Nights In Drive Thru


My non writing work history has also been about food. From restaurants to grocery retail, I’ve been there and done that. In retrospect I recognize a subconscious urge was at play driving every employment choice I’ve made. From this fertile ground I’ve collected some funny and touching moments with others and it would be criminal to keep them to myself. As I won’t be using them in any of my fiction, I’ll instead open my memory vault and retrieve a tale or two about my time in fast food and retail. No one tires of a good retail or drive thru horror story and I do have some juicy doozies to share.


The Company of Other Writers

Books I Love


I have a solid and interesting history with Book Reviews. In another chapter of my writing life I was a professional reviewer, therefore it would be silly if I didn’t include this particular area of expertise. In the spirit of keeping things concise, I cull together a seasonal roundup of books that pique my interest. Eclectic in my tastes, the genres I read are varied. If it’s original and it makes me cry, laugh, learn, rage or think, I’ll read it. If I find it outstanding, I’ll review it. I add one older book to these quarterly reviews because I feel it’s important to introduce stories from another era for readers to rediscover.


Who is Valda Organ?

Another Writer’s Humblebragging Page


On the Bio page you’ll find my contact email and my writing, editing and publishing history. I’ve been pecking away at a keyboard and jotting in a notebook for as far back as I can remember. This is the page where I get to tell you  where my words have travelled after sending them out into the world. They are wandering vagabonds who have found themselves in fascinating places keeping company with wonderful readers, a fact that never fails to humble and amaze me. 


Last But Certainly Not Least


Time is a precious commodity for everyone and as such I wanted to sincerely thank you for gifting me with some of yours. I hope you enjoy reading whatever drops of hard won wisdom, or convoluted nonsense I choose to leave on these pages and if you decide to return, double thank you.